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Update HaynesPro 1st Quarter 2019 TruckSet

New types

MERCEDES Arocs (964) 2013-
SCANIA S 2016-

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9 New Recalls
(total 323 reminder bulletins, covering 9818 types)

Recently added content

Engine management schemes: 161 types of trucks
Engine management locations: 15 types of trucks
ABS and Stability Drawings: 461 types of trucks
Schematics for the Electronic Controlled Air Suspension (ECAS): 118 types of trucks
Locations of electronically controlled air suspension: 2 types of trucks
Locations of mass points: 91 types of trucks
EOBD connector slots: 1019 types of trucks
Fuses and relays: 6 types of trucks
Recently added content:
Maintenance: 90 types of trucks
Rough hours: 97 types of trucks
Procedures to reset the maintenance indicator: 88 types of trucks
Adjustment data: 538 types of trucks
Wet weather: 31 types of trucks
TPMS procedures: 37 types of vehicle
Clutch: removal / installation manuals: 50 types of trucks
Valve clearance manual: 325 types of trucks
Injector: removal / installation / adjustment: 339 types of trucks
Cylinder head: removal / installation: 323 types of trucks
NEW Turbocharger: removal / installation: 490 types of trucks

Recently added content

Maintenance: 90 truck types
Service times: 97 truck types
Service indicator reset procedures: 88 truck types
Adjustment data: 538 truck types
Repair times: 31 truck types
TPMS procedures: 37 vehicle types
Clutch: removal/installation manuals: 50 truck types
Valve clearance setting manuals:325 truck types
Injector: removal/installation/setting:339 truck types
Cylinder head: removal/installation:323 truck types
NEW Turbocharger: removal/installation:490 truck types