HaynesPro CarSet Q1 | 2021 updates
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Telematics: emergency backup battery renewal

The manufacturer recommends a planned renewal of the telematics battery, and has included this in the maintenance schedules. For this renewal you will need to know where the battery is located. The technician will need a manual for the procedure.

Where disconnecting the battery (working on a vehicle) also requires disconnection of the Telematics unit, this information will be added to our ‘Battery: procedures for disconnection/reconnection’ manuals.

Comfort Wiring Diagrams update

The wires within the comfort wiring diagrams are now shown in their actual colours by default (Monochrome is still available if preferred for printing)

Jacking and Lifting points

Recent European research has focused on reducing injuries associated with lifting vehicles. For electronically complex vehicles, with battery packs located in the vehicle floor, detailed information is required to prevent injury or damage. An overview of the jacking and lifting points, now displayed within our product, will make it easier for the technician to identify any special requirements for the location of the jack and/or the lifting points.

16 new models


BMW 2 Gran Coupe (F44) 2019-DAIHATSU Pyzar (G3) 1997-2003-HYUNDAI Elantra LaVita (XD) 2001-2010-HYUNDAI Sonata VII (LF) 2015-LEXUS ES (XZ10) 2018-LEXUS LS (GVF50) 2018-MERCEDES-BENZ /8 (W114, W115) 1969-1972-MG GS (SAS2) 2016-MG HS 2020-MG MG6 I (91) 2012-2017-OPEL Rekord D 1972-1975-PEUGEOT 2008 (P24) 2019-PIAGGIO Porter / Maxxi (T120, P120) 2011-RENAULT 5 (XR5) 1972-1981-SUBARU Trezia 2011-2015-VOLKSWAGEN ID.3 (E11) 2020.

WorkshopData™ Tech


  • Maintenance (incl. service times): 518 vehicle types
  • Adjustment data: 494 vehicle types
  • Technical drawings: 382 vehicle types
  • Repair times: 452 vehicle types
  • Service indicator reset procedures: 410 vehicle types
  • Battery: disconnection/reconnection procedures: 470 vehicle types
  • TPMS procedures: 204 vehicle types
  • Electronic parking brake procedures: 101 vehicle types
  • Transmission drain/refill, check level (CVT, (semi-)automatic and dual clutch): 249 vehicle types
  • Transmission emergency park release (CVT, (semi-)automatic and dual clutch): 103 vehicle types
  • Keys and remote control: 298 vehicle types
  • Selective catalytic reduction: AdBlue drain/refill: 1 vehicle type
  • Start/stop system: deactivation: 143 vehicle types
  • Timing belt: removal/installation manuals: 173 vehicle types
  • Timing chain: removal/installation manuals: 254 vehicle types
  • Clutch: removal/installation manuals: 365 vehicle types
  • Door trim: removal/installation: 354 vehicle types
  • Turbocharger: removal/installation: 141 vehicle types
  • Windscreen wipers: service position: 60 vehicle types
  • Diesel particulate filter: 34 vehicle types
  • Wheel alignment settings: 206 vehicle types
  • Ancillary drive belt: removal/installation: 116 vehicle types
  • ADAS manuals: 386 vehicle types
  • NEW: Jacking and lifting points: 1729 vehicle types

WorkshopData™ Electronics


  • Fuses and relays: 548 vehicle types
  • EOBD connector locations: 434 vehicle types
  • Control unit locations: 254 vehicle types
  • Ground point locations: 403 vehicle types
  • Fuses and relays: 548 vehicle types
  • Engine Management diagrams: 397 vehicle types
  • ABS and Stability diagrams: 348 vehicle types
  • HVAC diagrams: 302 vehicle types
  • Electronic power steering (EPS) diagrams: 111 vehicle types
  • Transmission diagrams: 168 vehicle types
  • Central locking system diagrams: 400 vehicle types
  • Exterior light diagrams: 367 vehicle types
  • Power window diagrams: 363 vehicle types
  • Starting/charging diagrams: 220 vehicle types
  • Supplemental restraint system (SRS)/Airbag diagrams: 287 vehicle types
  • Parking assistance system diagrams: 98 vehicle types
  • Wash/wipe system diagrams: 277 vehicle types
  • Instrument cluster diagrams: 312 vehicle types
  • Horn diagrams: 109 vehicle types
  • Electronic parking brake diagrams: 44 vehicle types


143 new unique SmartCASE™ Bulletins

(the bulletin total is 7738, covering 11647 types)


-231 new car types with SmartCASE™ bulletins

160 new Technical Service Bulletins 

(the bulletin total is 13782, covering 10782 types)


-343 new car types with Technical Service Bulletins

67 new Recalls

(the recall bulletin total is now 5642, covering 10465 types)


-333 new car types with Recalls