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HaynesPro WorkshopData™ update | VESA complete wiring

HaynesPro WorkshopData™ update | VESA complete wiring

Check out all the latest updates and features of HaynesPro ‘s VESA application.


HaynesPro’s acclaimed VESA application has just got better.

Our VESA application, part of the WorkshopData electronics section, has long been highly valued by automotive technicians. At the core of VESA are the localised or concise wiring diagrams that are unique to HaynesPro.

In most situations these concise diagrams make it much easier to diagnose a fault. However, an overview of the entire system is sometimes necessary. Some technicians, particularly electronics and diagnostic specialists, may need to see the wiring diagrams as a complete system schematic. In recognition of this, we are pleased to announce that the wiring can now be viewed within VESA as both a concise diagram and a complete schematic.

From within any VESA electronic system, the user can switch easily between the two different views by using the ‘Extended wiring diagram’ or ‘Concise’ toggle button. Systems covered by VESA include Engine management, Braking, Transmission, Steering, and Climate control.

A unique offering of the best of both worlds

With the same update we have also added the facility for the user to highlight any wire. This makes wire tracking much easier.
This feature is available on both concise and extended views.

To summarise:

  • VESA II works the same way as before. The user can follow logical guided diagnostic routes, from fault code entry to concise wiring diagrams showing testing values. They can still navigate through the system wiring by clicking on each component in turn.
  • New feature: The user can, at any time while viewing a concise diagram, switch the display to show the whole system schematic wiring diagram.

New feature: The facility to highlight a single wiring route just by clicking on it.

You can try out all these VESA features of HaynesPro for 7 days free of charge and without obligation: