Update HaynesPro 3rd Quarter 2019 TruckSet
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Update HaynesPro 3rd Quarter 2019 TruckSet

New/changed topics

FMS connector location plans

We added location plans for Fleet Management System (FMS) connector. This first version covers 4475 types of trucks.

Update HaynesPro 3rd Quarter 2019 TruckSet
Update HaynesPro 3rd Quarter 2019 TruckSet

New types have been added to the following 5 models

MAN TGS 2007-
MAN TGX 2007-
SCANIA G 2016-
SCANIA P 2017-
SCANIA R 2017-

Recently added content

3 new unique SmartCASE bulletins
(the bulletin total is 69, covering 774 types)

57 new techincal service bulletins
(the bulletin total is 855, covering 12071 types)
Technical Service Bulletins: 82 new truck types with Technical Service Bulletins

6 new recalls
(the recall bulletin total is now 329, covering 9821 types)

Recently added content

Engine Management diagrams: 27 truck types (72 types updated with location information)
ABS and Stability diagrams: 67 truck types
Electronic Controlled Air Suspension (ECAS) diagrams: 179 truck types
Fuses and relays: 991 truck types
OBD connector locations: 83 truck types
NEW: Fleet Management System (FMS) Connector: 4475 truck types

Recently added content

Maintenance: 19 truck types
Service times: 57 truck types
Adjustment data: 88 truck types 
Repair times: 126 truck types
Service indicator reset procedures: 151 truck types 
TPMS procedures: 230 vehicle types
Technical drawings: 804 truck types 
Valve clearance setting manuals: 180 truck types
Injector: removal/installation/setting: 4 truck types